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offshore design engineering setup
EES as a partner for offshore design center
  • Past experience in operating design centers of varying sizes & for diverse industry segments since 2005
  • Available alliance models, customized for client's specific objectives
  • Ramp up abilities
    • Infrastructure - currently 250 capacity office space at par with global standards (connectivity, hardware, security, training and conferencing facilities)
    • Software (tie ups for procurement and training with all major vendors)
    • Manpower (Domain Expertise)
      • Use of domain experts from multiple centers of excellence across the globe
    • Manpower (Skill Based)
      • Robust recruitment and retention procedures (3000+ resumes in database, walk-in interviews for bulk recruitment, selection based on objective skills and competency tests developed internally)
      • Strong brand as one of the best employers in the country (Volvo Eicher)

For the customer:
  • Quick set up.
  • 60-70 % saving in design manpower costs.
  • Recruitment, replacement and retention of manpower managed by EES.
  • Advantage of time zone difference – Reduce product development cycle time by 50%.
  • Hardware/software/IT and infrastructure investments and management by EES.
Typical ODC model structure